Your Horse as a Breyer Model
Customized Breyer Models From Your Photos

The Family Arabian Stallion Online Museum
A virtual tour of my entire collection of Breyer Family Arabians!

The FAS Pages
Learn the History of the Breyer Family Arabian Stallion

The Sudekum Gallery of Customized Model Horses

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My Collection of 1000+ Model Horses 

Model Horse How-To's
Painting, Hairing, and Repositioning

My Real Horses:

Quzqo Stories Blog
The story of my rescue Arabian from day one to present time!

The Sierawood Tezlu Memorial Gallery
Beloved Arabian Gelding that I owned for the last 15 years of his life.

Other Stuff:

Gallery of Disturbing Equines
Some of the most unnerving model horses on the planet!

FASSue's Fugly Ashtray Collection If you enjoy California Pottery at its finest, this isn't for you!

Neato Napcoware My collection of dimensional horse plaques from the '50's

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Quzqo and Me
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Free Online Show for Fantasy and Decorator Models.

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The Conservative Model Horse Collectors
The last bastion of free speech for conservative and libertarian model horse hobbyists! (don't laugh, there's lots of us!)

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